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The Wamic RFPD, rising from a few first Pine Hollow residents back in late 1960’-early 1970’s, is now a viable and vibrant volunteer fire department and is continuing to grow not only in numbers but also capability, training and dedication to the community, which is also growing. Wamic Rural Fire Protection District was established in August of 2009 in an effort to legitimize the local fire department along with a name change from Pine Hollow Volunteer Fire Dept.. This was a considerable milestone in the growth of the fire protection unit which includes 1st Responders and EMT Basic volunteers.

Pine Hollow developers Irl and Orlena Davis quickly recognized the need for a volunteer fire department as the population around the newly established reservoir/recreation site grew in popularity and residents. Early ‘fire crews’ consisted primarily of available men and women responding to the siren once located at the golf course with rakes, shovels, garden hoses and wet burlap bags. Grass and field fires were the primary threats leaving any structure fires outside those primitive capabilities.

A fire station was established on the north shore area (complete with Irl’s petting zoo for the children and visitors). Regular meetings were established and a couple of older ¾ and 1 ton trucks were obtained with small water tanks (from 200 to 500 gallon) and equipped with hose reels and such…a significant upgrade at the time.

Seeing the need to expand capabilities, training and such, the membership began looking for a new location, better suited to the needs of the community keeping in mind that neighboring Wamic did not have any fire protection other than Pine Hollow. Wasco County Commissioners under the guidance of Judge John Mabrey allocated the existing south shore location, deeding ownership to PHFD.

Many volunteers, both men and women, members and residents worked toward construction of the existing location celebrating the open house on the 29th of May, 2004. Grant monies played a very significant role is this accomplishment along with several thousands of dollars in donations, fund raisers (breakfasts, garage, plant and bake sales) and such…some even commented that the fire station is the house that pancakes built.

Upgrades continue on Station 1 at the Pine Hollow location inclusive equipment, security alarms, video cameras, communications devices, insulations, engines and such. Station 2 at Rock Creek was incorporated into the umbrella of operations several years back and is an important adjunct to the operation and safety of our response area.

Recently, the South Wasco County School District in Maupin deeded the Wamic School build, property and surrounding assets to the Wamic RFPD allowing a greatly needed expansion of fire protection. Planning for this building is primarily directed at the covered concrete pad that is east of the Wamic School…it is to be converted to a fully operational sub-fire station allowing warm storage for pumper and tender engines along with expanding response and ISO considerations further enhancing combined community fire protection. The school building itself is to be upgraded inside to better accommodate the needs of the community, i.e.; library, meeting rooms, fund-raising eating facilities etc. While the specific uses for the school are not yet defined, it is the goal of WRFPD that the outside silhouette is retained…many of our residents and relatives were students here and we recognize the need to keep the structure as close to original as possible. Grant monies come to play once again here.

In August of 2010, WRFPD was granted license to begin Medical Transport in league with Maupin (M-60) and Dufur (D-70). Many of your neighbors have dedicated much time, effort and some of their money to achieving either 1st Responder or EMT Basic status. P-80 along with P-81, our newest addition is now able to save as much as 45 minutes of precious time in emergency response time and get the emergency to the hospital contributing significantly to the saving of lives. We are justifiably proud of our EMT Commander Chris Beeler for her dedication to training, commitment to the medical emergency crews and the establishment of this vital service.

Your Wamic WRFPD is here to serve and is a total volunteer effort, both fire and medical responses. WRFPD remains a non-tax-based function and strives to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Our existence relies on Grant monies, Donations and Fund Raisers, however, as with any volunteer organization: without you, the volunteer, we may fall short of our goals…that of protecting our communities with the best possible response, training and equipment. You are encouraged to become a part of your community response teams and are invited to contact the station at 541-544-2338 or come to one of our meetings or training sessions.

Monthly meetings are the second Saturday of the month at 10:30 am. Fire training is every-other Tuesday at 6pm and EMT/1st Responders meetings/training on the 2nd Wednesday of a month at 6:30pm

Our fire department is a vital organization to your neighborhood and remains only as good as those that volunteer involvement. Your time and effort will greatly enhance our mission.

Our Federal Tax IDs
Wamic Rural Fire Protection District: 27-0502874
Wamic Rural Fire Foundation: 93-0800483

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