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Wamic Rural Fire Protection District
Board Meeting Agenda
July 16, 2016 10:00 A.M.

Call to order-

Additions to the agenda-

Minutes of last Board Meeting-



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Old Business:

2 items we need to continue to discuss/investigate. (Both should qualify for grants from someplace. I will include both of these items on coming agendas to remind everyone to keep looking for both equipment and grants.)
  1. The need for additional space for our vehicles.
  2. The WSCC is the only building in the area which can serve as an emergency shelter. To serve that role, it needs to have access to an emergency generator (50+K) preferably portable so that it doesn't sit out in the weather when not needed.
Other old business
  • Pauly Rogers has scheduled the in house portion of our 2015-16 audit for October 11. We need to have Cathie and me available for that date.
  • The SDIS Worker's Comp insurance bill for $4883.79 has been paid.
  • A 5-ton heat pump has arrived to replace the 4-ton pump at the school which just wasn't big enough to do the job. When it is installed the old pump will be put into storage and used to replace the heat pump at the station. The pump at the station is 13 years old and is already having some problems. Since no money has been budgeted to install the new heat pump, the WRFF will pay the installation charges.
  • We need to change the answering message on our phone to include the fire prevention status


New Business:

  • Only one more meeting before our Labor Day Fund Raiser. We set aside a couple of prizes from FFD to be used for and will probably add $100 in scratch off lottery tickets. Labor Day weekend raffle sales are notoriously slow, so we certainly do not want to offer any really big prizes. Like FFD this event is sponsored by the WRFF.
  • Family Fun Day 2016 was one of the most successful events we have had. Income from the event included: Food and drink $779.82, Raffle $2004, Snow cones $195, Bake Sale $789.97, Bingo $114.50, Golf $130, Other $656.82 (these were primarily checks given to us that day—included in these were checks totaling $434 made out to WRFPD instead of WRFF which the WRFF gave as a direct donation to district.) WRFF also sold a boat and outboard motor donated for FFD prior to Saturday for $1800. Total revenue for the event was $6470.11. It also appears that the remaining hamburgers will be sold for $30/box and will add $90 to the total.
  • Next year FFD will be a problem as July 4th falls on Tuesday. We need to coordinate the weekend (before the 4th or after the 4th) with the grass car group as well as the grange to draw as many people to Wamic as possible. In any event, I expect the crowd to be well down from this year.
  • Do we want to hold a Family Fun Day follow-up meeting and social gathering coming for everyone who helped? It would be potluck with the WRFF providing the main dish--probably burgers and hot dogs.


  • The Board will convene a closed session for the purpose of discussing an employment issue. Electing of officers for the next fiscal year will once again be postponed as this is too important not to have all board members present. (Reschedule for August)





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